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About Us


The major goals of the campus are:

  1. To produce educationally excellent, dynamic and research oriented human resource to fulfill the needs of the country.
  2. To increase access of higher education to the girls, educationally disadvantaged janajatis, dalits, marginalised and lower strata people.
  3. To add different subjects, streams, levels and institutions to provide general, vocational, technical and practical education as per the requirement of the community.
  4. To enhance the creative and critical ability of the students through different co-curricular and extracurricular programs.
  5. To modernize academic, administrative and financial information system of the campus.
  6. To enrich the library with different kinds of books and resources to broaden the knowledge and skills of the faculties and the students.
  7. To equip the campus with modern teaching learning aids along with sound physical facilities.

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